Legislative Program

The Annual General Meeting of NCVA took place in Toronto on December 6, 2019 – a highly successful meeting where the proposed Legislative Program was unanimously approved and formally adopted.

The report evaluates the impact of Budget 2019 and describes the degree of progress that has been achieved and the outstanding issues and concerns that need to be addressed on a priority basis as we move forward.

Following the recent federal election, veterans remain vitally interested in the positions to be adopted by the Government and the Opposition parties in this minority Parliament to remedy the longstanding injustice and inequity impacting Canada's disabled veterans and their families.

NCVA will continue to take the position that there is much to do in improving veterans' legislation so as to address the financial and wellness requirements of Canada's disabled veterans and their families. This is particularly so with respect to the Pension for Life (PFL) provisions originally announced in December 2017 and formally implemented on April 1 of this year.

The full Legislative Program can be found here. The following quick links will direct you to specific topics in the document.


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