NCVA Update

Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs calls for the elimination of the "gold digger's clause"

February 21, 2023 – The National Council of Veteran Associations in Canada (NCVA) and our 68 member-organizations have made submissions to government for over 25 years with respect to our concerns vis-à-vis Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) retirees and the infamous "marriage after 60" clawback provision. This continues to be a very important issue within the NCVA Legislative Program, in view of the fact that more and more CAF retirees (including many NCVA members) are living longer and marrying for a second time.

Representing a major development with respect to this crusade, the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs (ACVA), after many months of study, released its final report in December 2022 on this contentious marriage after 60 provision of the Canadian Forces Superannuation Act (the "gold digger's clause").

On balance, the report contains a strong set of recommendations, particularly Recommendation 9 which calls for the Government of Canada to repeal the Marriage after 60 clause in the CFSA and the RCMP Superannuation Act.

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