NCVA Update

A Future Roadmap: For VAC To Address Inequities In Veterans' Legislation

December 5, 2022 – Having just commemorated Remembrance Day, there continue to be significant concerns with respect to veterans' legislation, regulation and policy, necessitating further action by the Government and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) to rectify the ongoing inequity and injustice impacting disabled veterans and their families.

Based on recent exchanges with the Minister, Lawrence MacAulay, and senior officials of the department, VAC unfortunately tends to underline the incremental progress that has been achieved on a number of issues, including the intolerable backlog/wait time crisis and the insidious issue of military sexual trauma within the Canadian Armed Forces.

However, it must be recognized that, although the Minister and the department continue to deliver statements of good intention, it is readily apparent that the machinery of government does indeed move extremely slowly in actually implementing needed overall legislative reform.

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